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Furrutter & Associates is driven by opportunities to contribute to our client’s operational success. We partner with our client to help recover revenue, conduct research, reduce costs and transform thinking, strategies, operations and capabilities.

We provide comprehensive services and innovative solutions to clients in the following disciplines:

  • Procurement based Strategy and Tactical Consulting and Solutions
  • Asset based Capital Value Recovery and Operational Redeployment

Benefits of using us

Unlike the permanent manager, Furrutter & Associates as an independent impartial non- permanent entity, is unaffected by office politics and personalities.  Therefore, we deliver unbiased and value added counselling and solutions “that tell it like it is” which has the best interests of the client in mind over all other considerations. As a result, expedient research, project execution or rapid transitional resolution with minimum disruption to the client’s business operations becomes realistic. We are open and honest and give a truly neutral and independent view at all times.

Uses for us

Furrutter & Associates used in the capacity of Solutionist, Research Consultant, or Fixed Term Contractor, can be used for a number of strategically important roles for which it is advantageous for you the client, to use non- permanent skilled personnel on an only “as needed” basis.

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