We provide historical research solutions to legal clients that wish to thoroughly and cost effectively establish the historical background and context of a disputed matter.

Our broad understanding of historical context and our expert knowledge of where to find crucial documentary evidence will help quickly and efficiently establish the historical facts at issue, whether it is regards reduction of financial liability, obtain successful judgements, comply with regulatory requirements or develop legal strategies

Not only does our skilled team efficiently find the information required, but we understand the contextual significance of the records we uncover. Our historical knowledge gives us the framework to know what information to look for. This allows us to develop leads to other historical records that can bolster a case or reduce the likelihood that opposing counsel will produce surprises later.

Architectural Heritage

Primarily we provide Heritage research and application compilation solutions in support of PHRA-G applications on buildings that are over the prescribed sixty years.


We understand the value of creating a powerful organisational identity through the proper use of corporate history, is the basis of a very powerful marketing and public relations tool. A usable and compelling corporate history may be shared with employees, stakeholders, investors, customers and the general public. If done properly it will highlight and advance your corporate mission, your vision for the future and what you are capable of past and present, for well into the intermediate future.

Film Industry

We provide comprehensive historic research solutions that are aimed at assisting documentary and period film makers. These solutions are centred on historical fact and period research, as well as script, prop and set authenticity consultation.