Asset Consulting Solutions

Karl Furrutter (and associates) provides a comprehensive scope of Valuations, Asset Redeployment Consultation and Managed Capital Recovery solutions for a wide array of medium and high value Moveable and Fixed Assets.

Experienced in managing the recovery of invested capital in almost all mainstream asset categories, we undertake Capital Recovery based disposal projects for a singular asset, or a complete portfolio on a national or international basis.

Our ability to effectively manage the Disposal and capital recovery process from ‘’end to end’’ adds particular value to clients for whom such skillsets do not necessarily constitute part of their regular business operations.

As operations management specialists we are perfectly positioned to counsel on the operational and financial redeployment of assets to best support business recovery, improved efficiency and lean management strategies.

Whether it’s valuation, managed capital recovery or the productive redeployment of operational assets, Karl Furrutter and his  experienced associative team will work closely with the client, in determining the best method to achieve the maximum capital or production realisation possible, whilst making such profitable, seamless, accountable and effortless.

Operational Applications

We provide a wide spectrum of specialised internal asset redeployment and Capital Recovery consultation and managed solutions across all asset categories to counsel and assist clients with regards:

  • Corporate Recovery
  • Liquidation and Insolvency
  • Operational Rationalization
  • Internal Asset Redeployment
  • Deceased Estates
  • Valuations & Appraisals
  • Donation Strategies
  • Lease Return Management
  • Surplus Capacity Utilization

Practical Benefits

The practical benefits to using our asset based solutions is that clients for which asset value recovery and redeployment do not form any regular part of their core business activities, have immediate access to:

  • Specialized asset redeployment and capital recovery based management skills
  • Access to global disposal networks
  • Prompt turnaround time on disposal or redeployment related projects
  • “On Demand” Turnkey Solutions, operational ‘’plug in’s’’ and consulting Expertise on both redeployment strategies and capital recovery thru specialized and targeted projects, only for  only as long as is required