Managed Capital Recovery

Karl Furrutter (and associates) provides a comprehensive scope of Managed Capital Recovery (asset disposal) solutions for a wide array of Tangible Asset categories.

These solutions are tailored to best serve each individual client’s unique business landscape, whereby recovering invested capital from idle, surplus, or underutilised assets is important to financial wellbeing or other strategic business or legal reasons.

Experienced in managing the recovery of invested capital in almost all mainstream physical asset categories, we undertake Managed Capital Recovery projects for a singular asset, or for a complete asset portfolio.

Our ability to manage the capital recovery process effectively and transparently from ‘’end to end’’ adds value to clients for whom such skillsets do not form part of their core critical business operations.

Tactical Purchasing

By definition, Purchasing is the routine tactical (day to day operational) activities associated with procuring quality materiel, products and services for the organisation, and ensuring the associated administrative management activities such as delivery, expediting, compliance and payment activities are managed effectively and efficiently.

Human Capital Development

To most dynamic Procurement executives, Human Capital and Procurement have become increasingly interdependent due to the fact that the greatest cost in real terms of financial and operational performance is effective human capital.

Specialised Procurement

Furrutter & Associates (Procurement) offers Specialised Procurement consulting and interim management solutions to clients in need of rapid targeted transformation and continuous improvement, within specialised non- mainstream facets of Procurement strategy, both within the short and long term.

Interim & Contract

Furrutter & Associates (Procurement) offers short and medium term Procurement resource solutions to clients that require interim management or Contingency Staffing resources. The greatest benefit of using such resources is to service targeted, unique, discreet or sensitive situations whereby a permanent role-player maybe non-advantageous, unnecessary or impossible to source at short notice or to fill extra capacity staffing needs or sudden gaps and departures.