Furrutter & Associates (Procurement) provides “span of control” Consulting and Implemented Change Management Solutions through Interim Management, as well as Skilled Contingency Staff based resources, to clients in need of rapid and targeted Procurement transformation, or simply require non-permanent resources for specialised, supplementary or other employment requirements.

Guidance counselling and operational solutions are offered in all functional, tactical and strategic aspects of Procurement, and most source and spend categories.

A value-added differentiator of our approach is that we do not simply analyse your organizational structure, but rather we consider the holistic macro influence, including critical but often overlooked components such as the ‘People Factor and the Core Business Impact’, of any intended changes. Therefore, no generic problem solving model is used from client to client, but rather solutions are tailored to the uniqueness of each client’s individual needs and requirements.

As non-permanent resources we tell it like it is, as we are not side tracked by office politics and allegiances. Therefore, we are well placed to act as neutral and discreet qualified counsel to management. If this neutrality is properly utilised, effective change is possible, potentially resulting in millions saved in operational budgets and increased efficiency.

We ensure the ongoing transfer of skills to all relevant permanent staff throughout our involvement, ensuring no skills void nor misunderstandings are created upon departure.

Whether you seek to fill an unexpected management gap at a short notice, change a single operational element or process, or reinvent your entire Procurement & Supply Chain, we can provide you with the know how to make it happen.