Asset Redeployment

Furrutter & Associates (Asset) provides a comprehensive scope of Valuations, Asset Redeployment Consultation and Managed Capital Recovery solutions for a wide array of medium and high value Moveable and Fixed Assets.


Historic Consulting

Furrutter & Associates (historical) provides turnkey research and consultative solutions to clients requiring specialist historical research into specific incidents, personalities, histories and time periods.customers and the general public. 


Furrutter & Associates (Procurement) provides “span of control” Consulting and Implemented Change Management Solutions through Interim Management, as well as Skilled Contingency Staff based resources, to clients in need of rapid and targeted Procurement transformation, or simply require non-permanent resources for specialised, supplementary or other employment requirements.


Furrutter & Associates (Warehousing) advocates modern competitive warehousing is an all-inclusive ongoing science that continuously refines and improves all strategies, processes, policies, methodologies, techniques and operating systems to accommodate an integrated logistics operation which best supports overall corporate goals, in an ever changing business environment.