Uses For Us

Furrutter & Associates used in the capacity of Solutionist, Research Consultant, or Fixed Term Contractor, can be used for a number of strategically important roles for which it is advantageous for you the client, to use non- permanent skilled personnel on an only “as needed” basis.

Applications for which we could be utilised would include: 

  • Effecting unbiased strategic or operational change 
  • Executing specific specialised, sensitive, targeted Projects
  • Where it is feasible to use discreet non-permanent professionals to develop and implement sensitive change and rationalisations
  • Obtaining specialist skills temporarily to achieve other defined and finite outcomes
  • For specialised and qualitative research projects
  • Temporarily fill employment sensitive posts
  • To fill sudden departure gaps
  • Where the organisation is undergoing major change and or rationalisation
  • Where the organisation is foot printing itself
  • Where organisation is rapidly expanding or undertaking  new projects and contracts